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What we do

Co-creatiVe Product Development
One of the foodlab’s key values is co-creation. You come with the idea and concept and Maxime Willems puts his professional knowhow as a food developer to your disposal for further prototyping your product or start-up. Additionally, co-creation also means building a community platform to accelerate your business plan.

Test kitchen
Proef is all about tasting and testing, from concept to prototype. Use the test kitchen to accelerate the development of your product. It houses the newest equipment such as an ultrason, a rotavap, a roner, a centrifuge, a freeze drier, fermentation materials and measuring equipment.

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Are you a start-up looking for funding or a company looking for product discovery & engagement? Your first 'customer' is sometimes not who you think. Times are changing. Your first customer might be an investor or your board/department head. Elevator pitches are so 2022. We introduce the 'Elevator Bite'. A Minimal Viable Product or prototype sprint to make your first customer drooling for more. Contact us for more details.

Food incubator
Starting a business can be challenging without the knowhow and experience of maintaining a business, the space and a network. This is where Proef comes in as a food incubator. The foodlab guides start-ups from A to Z to launch their business successfully.


Research & Prototyping
To fasten the route to market Proef also focuses on R&D and particularly on accelerating the

process to prototyping. The one-stop shop approach used by Proef gives members the opportunity to develop a product efficiently and optimally.


Taste & learn events
The test kitchen at the foodlab is fully adapted to organise tastings and quali tests. Proef will bring in the guinea pigs acting as co-makers and you receive the feedback you need to improve your product.

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