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Because Proef is deeply rooted in science, we created an eco-system that consists of four ingredients.

The test kitchen

The lab

The food incubator

The learning centre

The test kitchen & THE LAB
A place where you can experiment and create new and innovative culinary products. You’ll get inspired and fed with new ideas and (scientific) techniques. The lab, on the other hand, is where science and creativity meet. It is the place to be to develop culinary products and discover techniques to make the food of the future.


the Food incubator space
For everyone who has a new food product, Proef can host your idea. The foodlab can serve as your first production site and provides the necessary means to build your business. Maxime Willems, the foodlab’s founder, is happy to assist you with your start-up or product and will provide the necessary means and space to build or accelerate your business.

THe Learning centre
The learning centre is the place where we communicate and share our knowledge and inspiration. Furthermore, Proef provides the perfect place to hold or follow workshops, demos and product presentations.


The food incubator space

Our incubator is accessible through flexible memberships. Since Proef has its roots in science the memberships have been packaged into stages, according to your needs & the phase of development of your product or project.

  • MAYFLY MEMBERSHIP: single day use



The learning centre

If you want to organise a workshop, demo, product presentation or a quali test, the MAYFLY MEMBERSHIP is your thing.

Guinea Pigs or Co-makers? 

Interested in becoming a member as a guinea pig to taste the products of tomorrow? Proef organises tastings and invites Guinea pig members to taste new products. 

How to get access?

Do you need a place to develop your product or project? Is it for a day, weeks, months, years? No, problem we’re flexible.

The test kitchen & the lab

The prices for using the lab space depend on how much time you spend there. This also applies to consultancy and product development if needed.




  • faster route to market

  • holistic view on food

  • sense analysis & quali tests

  • less risks & investments

  • professional equipment

  • cross-pollination

  • storage capacity

  • flexible access

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